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WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF DYING INTESTATE IN SOUTH AFRICA? What are the family consequences of dying intestate? In effect, the SA government applies a one-size-fits-all Will to your intestate estate… The family consequences of dying intestate are seldom ideal. For that reason (and not to be alarmist) at Netto Invest we believe strongly that…read more

Investment Vehicle Guidelines

Investment Vehicle Guidelines The choice of where and how to invest your hard-earned savings can be a daunting and complicated process. This article will guide you towards your financial peace-of-mind. Setting your financial goals and understanding which investment vehiles are appropriate to help you reach them, will make your choices easier. Debbie Netto-Jonker contributed to…read more

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances In South Africa spring arrives just before the big Christmas spending season. What better time to get a handle on your finances each year than in time to budget for your year-end bonus? Spending on Christmas, an annual holiday and higher-than inflation January increases in education, medical and other fixed costs leave many people starting the…read more

Managing Money – How to Make the Most of Your Money

Managing money It’s something we all do, and often on a daily basis. How can ordinary folks maximise their cash to create lasting wealth? Debbie Netto-Jonker (and Destiny magazine) set out the guidelines…       Click here or on the image to read it now, or right-click and select Save Link As to download it…read more

Small Business Challenges in South Africa

Small Business Challenges: What to Know Before Quitting Your Job Owning your own small business may be your dream – being your own boss is a seductive prospect. But the loss of a predictable salary isn’t the only challenge of going it alone. Here are some tips from Ian and Richard, wearing the hats of both…read more

What’s The Cost of Having a Baby in South Africa?

The cost of having a baby in South Africa… Falling pregnant is the simple part! From ante-natal care to university, what is the cost of having a child these days? Debbie Netto-Jonker has some down to earth (and not just financial) advice for parents-to-be about the cost of having a baby in South Africa (as…read more

Personal Budget Balancing Act

Personal Budget Planning There’s always an element of a balancing act between spending and investing. Morné Bezuidenhout joins some other Certified Financial Planners in offering some down-to-earth advice – it’s always good to get back to basics! Click here or on the image to read it now, or right-click and select Save Link As to download…read more

Invest year end bonus – The Rands of Time

Wondering whether to invest year end bonus? Well, what if there was a way it could start generating bonuses of its own, for years to come?     Read the advice from Ian Beere about whether to spend or invest year end bonus (as published in Discovery Magazine December 2014) Click here or on the image to…read more

How to Invest R500 per Month? Debbie Netto advises

How to Invest R500 Per Month – Risk-Free Our very own Debbie Netto was quoted in a Good Housekeeping article on how best to invest R500 per month. In her early days in the financial planning industry, Debbie started out advising medical registrars with tiny investment budgets, so she has been thinking about these sorts…read more

Joint Financial Planning – with Women in Mind

It is 2014 – and women are better educated and more empowered than ever before in the history of humankind.  So why do we see so little truly joint financial planning? When push comes to shove, we find surprisingly few women are actively involved with the financial planning of their families, whether they are married…read more

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