At Netto we pride ourselves on our client service

Client Service at Netto Invest

Maintaining consistently good client service is important to us, because we know every client as a person, not a portfolio. We build strong relationships with our clients because we really care about every aspect of their wellbeing. As a result our clients experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing we have their best interests at heart.

They appreciate us and we appreciate them. It’s a lifetime journey for us all.

Mr F

Thank you for your patience with my pedantic outlook…

And for your help and guidance over the last 5 years — I have recently reached a specific milestone with regards to my investments, which I would not have done without Netto Invest. Please pass on my appreciation to the entire Netto Invest team, may your company go from strength to strength over the years.

Des Kruger – director of Mallinicks Tax (Pty) Ltd

Des was Debbie Netto’s first-ever client. He is a director of Mallinicks Tax (Pty) Ltd and has written numerous books on the subject of tax.

“Debbie has a very emphatic approach to people and is very caring. That is the starting point for her client service,” says Des, who leaves his financial affairs – from risk cover to retirement planning – in the hands of Netto Invest.

I have no hesitation referring Netto Invest to others. They have always been proactive. There is an annual review, where we make adjustments where necessary.

I don’t get time to look after myself. It is nice to have someone else ‘worrying about me’ “.

Former University of Cape Town finance professor

The late Colin Firer was a valued Netto Invest client for many years before his death. He appreciated the objectivity and structure Netto Invest’s client service gave to his personal finances.

“Financial planning is a very subjective area. I take the opportunity at our bi-annual reviews to bounce my thoughts off an objective practitioner.”

He also liked the fact that the Netto service is seamless, and ‘everything just happens’.

“It’s not just about the advice on investments. Netto Invest has a holistic approach to planning and keeps up-to-date copies of all my important personal documentation.”

“The best advice my colleague ever gave me”

I thought a financial planner would be only interested in my finances…

Five years ago I began to plan specifically for retirement and one of my colleagues advised me to approach Netto Invest for a strategy. While I knew the advisory process would involve plenty of facts and figures, I had no expectation that my financial planner would show an interest in me beyond my professional persona. That has not been the case at all.

I feel that at Netto Invest my ‘inner man’ has been heard and treated with the greatest of respect

And that is alongside all the investment decisions.  Ian (Beere) has taken care of my investment and retirement planning completely and holistically. Looking back now, I count that “Contact Netto” discussion as one of the most valuable pieces of personal advice my medical colleague has ever shared with me.

Dr B.

 “Keeping us grounded and focussed”

“Our political discourse is not doing much for us to feel confident in our political leaders and enabling financial stability. What I do appreciate though, is that we have chosen a world class financial planner who instils confidence and therefore keeps us grounded and focused in planning for our retirement.

Thank you so much for your client service and being there for us.
G …

“Financial security and peace of mind”

I appreciate the financial security that you and your company’s client service provide. Netto gives me complete peace of mind, something that I value enormously.

Mrs du P.

“How are you coping so well?”

Despite the unwelcome task of winding up her husband’s estate, our client’s friends commented that she was coping surprisingly well, although she had lost her husband very suddenly.

Mrs N says it is because she was part of the financial planning process all along.

“I was a housewife for 33 years, but I always went to our annual review meetings. I could ask anything and I would never be made to feel stupid. So I knew our financial planner well already, and he knew about my children, so that was a big help.”

“It was so good to have a financial plan that included having some funds in my own name, and the help of a specialized estate lawyer when my husband died unexpectedly.”

Mrs N.

“Every time I’ve made a critical decision, having an investment planner has paid off”

Our client, Ms C makes good use of her decision to have an independent financial planner.

“Before I make a big financial decision, I go and see my planner at Netto Invest. That way, I never make an emotional choice.

He shows me projections of how my retirement capital looks based on the investment plans I currently have in place. So I can picture it, because you can see the graphs and the figures. Obviously the markets go up and down, but it gives you quite an accurate estimate, based on the kind of investment portfolio you’ve chosen.

Netto are just so professional and comprehensive, it’s amazing. Their follow-through, their come back, the reports and just the way they pick it all up – it’s like a one-stop shop for all my financial problems!

I don’t regret for one second the money that I have paid for the Netto service.

Ms C.

“Your Diligence”

My wife and I would like to thank you for the diligent way you look after our finances. We have been sleeping well since our meeting!

Mr & Mrs N.

“Being from the corporate world, I know the principles of good business”

I’m retired now, but working with Netto I feel am back in the corporate world because I see the same business principles being repeated there. They have good, sound values. They follow up. They follow through.

Daar is niks wat vir hulle te groot of te mooilik is om veel te antwoord of uittevind nie.

They just do it and it’s lekker. I’ve referred some of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances as well. I am getting good results, why should my friends not benefit, too?

Mr P.

“High Level of Client Service”

The high level of client service that I continue to receive from you and all the wonderful people at Netto Invest has exceeded all my expectations and has definitely restored my faith in the financial services industry. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the manner in which you have dealt with my financial planning needs.

It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you all. Netto is a special company with special people and to this end I hope to have a long and meaningful relationship with your company.

I wish you all a long and prosperous future.

“Going to Netto lessened the shock of understanding my position”

I left it rather late so I was beginning to get very worried about retirement. I didn’t know the scope of what I was dealing with or what costs would be involved. To know all the options reduced the anxiety so that I could think straight about the best course of action.

I was still far enough from retirement to put more into it 

The modelling of the different scenarios was hugely helpful, and the Netto Invest planners’ skill as they led me through the process made a huge difference. They were neither patronising nor aloof. Everything was carefully explained, but they never treated me like an idiot.

I got professionalism, a sense of absolute trust, and reliable, honest service when I was uncertain and vulnerable.

Netto have been wonderful handling some personal issues that got very complicated 

The planners and back-office staff went way beyond the call of duty. I can’t speak more highly of them. It sounds a bit gushing but it’s all the truth. It’s been excellent.

Prof S.


We hope that you also love the level of client service you receive from your Financial Planner…

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