What to Expect

Achieving financial independence is no accident…

Financial independence on retirement is not common in South Africa. In 2011, local research showed that 81% of retirement fund members will retire with a pension that will not even come close to maintaining their pre-retirement standard of living.

As a result, most South African retirees end up having to either

  • slash their standard of living in retirement – just at the time of life when medical expenses peak, or
  • stay employed or even re-enter the job market as a matter of necessity rather than choice.

The point is that long-term financial independence on retirement is not guaranteed

This is the case even if you are one of the minority of South Africans that is actually saving for retirement. Financial independence requires planning and long-term dedication to a sound investment strategy.

The seeming unpredictability of financial investments may make you nervous. At Netto Invest we have a step-by-step hands-on solution. Our existing clients tell us that with our in-house financial modelling process, along with professional advice and personal service, we help have helped them to achieve peace of mind. And over time their investment returns have proved that their confidence is justified.

At Netto Invest we value your financial independence goals

Our team will:

  • work with you to understand and define your financial needs and lifestyle goals
  • provide independent, professional investment and financial planning advice
  • recommend, in writing, the investments and strategies to help you achieve your financial independence goals
  • assist you to plan your investments and retirement tax-effectively
  • remain aware of your attitude to investment risk factors
  • carefully explain all costs you may incur as well as the payment options available to you

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