How to Help Your Executor

While most of us don’t want to think about our own deaths too carefully, dying does create an administrative burden for our loved ones. One of the things we can do to reduce the hardship at a stressful time is to leave all our affairs in order.

Help Your Executor

The executor of your estate is responsible for carrying out the stipulations in your will, but your family needs to know who to contact. In addition, there are other details that also need to be attended to. We have prepared a detailed document that you can download and complete, which will help your executor and thus make life easier for the loved ones you leave behind particularly if you were to die in unexpected circumstances.

It also serves your family if you keep your Will up to date. Speak to your financial planner about it at your next annual review or download and complete a a copy of our free Will Template below.

Detailed Checklist + Will template (downloadable)

Click here to download “If I Pass Away Unexpectedly”

Click here to download a free Will Template (only suitable for very simple estates)

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